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Media Planning & Buying

Consumer Oriented Strategies

We are the specialists in understanding consumers, designing effective media plans and strategies, and adding value to our partners’ businesses through optimized media buying in the Middle East. Print, outdoor, TV, and digital.

Over the years, the agency has managed successful media campaigns for a number of clients from Retail to Services, government entities and diverse range of brands spanning the hospitality, fashion, lifestyle, luxury, real estate and travel industries.




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Dynamic Planning


Uncovering true insights that unlock business solutions & planning innovation.

Efficient, Smart, & Optimized buying


Increased performance through buying what’s important for our goals.

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Proprietary tools to simplify reporting & make informed decisions.

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Media Mix


Optimized. Smart-scheduled. Innovative


Print remains an important media for our target audience in UAE. But increasingly, it is tied to digital editions. For CLIENT this means giving our consumers a shareable opportunity even when using traditional media.
Our role is to amplify a traditionally static media channel, taking the most of it. We are putting our consumers at the center of curiosity of what, where and when they want to read.


Engaging. Personal. Transactional


Using audience data in forms of clusters according the different audiences, we set our target optimizations in the most efficient way to ultimately drive consumer engagements.
Connecting with consmers through contextual platforms when they are highly engaged, telling them a relevant story, and having a two-way interaction.


Targeted Reach. Contextual planning. Inclusive


TV is a key medium to drive awareness and mass reach to the general public. But more to that,: the synergy with digital mediums and the ability to emotionally connect with our target audience plays a big role.
An optimized use of the medium can set a strong base for our campaign, sparking curiosity around CLIENT. At the center of our TV plan is not only quantity, it is TV quality planning.


Awareness. Strategic. High Reach


Outdoor for CLIENT means that it is not only a matter of frequency, but rather being strategically present on key locations – supported by data- we know that our target can see us.
Further complementing our presence with interactive digital engagement to further fuel curiosity of our potential CLIENT consumers.


Massive Daily Reach. Engaging. Innovative


For CLIENT this means making even day-to-day radio moments shareable by amplifying them into something more exciting.
We suggest having a strategic partnership with the top radio stations for each of our target groups. All along with a smart radio planning process. event coverages, and fueling their curiosity by linking them to the digital space.


Engaging. Exclusive. Tactical


Cinema is one of the most popular form of entertainment in UAE. We are looking to leverage its mass reach while creating a shareable moment for CLIENT consumers.
Interaction is key, fueled by curiosity, unlocks an array of possibilities beyond just movie viewing.

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